Waterloo Architecture x Arriscraft Lecture

From the Arriscraft Lecture Series press release:

“This coming year [2012-13] the Arriscraft Lecture Series – ARCHITECTURE OUTSIDE THE LINES – investigates the edge of professional architecture, where architects, clients, planners, and other participants in the building world talk about particular aspects of their work outside of the conventional boundaries of the architectural profession. In considering this work, by some of the remarkable individuals engaged in new forms of architecture and new forms of architectural enterprise – all in the Greater Toronto Area – the series mounts a constructive critique of the detached, professional model of architectural practice. It is intent on seeing what might happen next – in building, in engineering, in development, and in design.

“Kyra Clarkson and Christopher Glaisek established MODERNest Inc. in response to downtown Toronto's need for affordable, contemporary houses. We felt that there are limited choices for people wanting a modern aesthetic but without the time, budget or inclination to commission a custom-designed home themselves.

“A MODERNest house is developed from our shared desire to design quality, honest and inspiring homes that express a modern spirit. We select a site that allows homeowners to easily take advantage of the best that this city has to offer. We focus on the basic qualities to which everyone responds – daylight, natural materials and colour, good relationships between rooms, strong connections between inside and outside, and a positive relationship of the house to its surroundings. In doing so, we aspire to strengthen communities and revitalize the urban fabric.”